Why should we keep roses alive if they will grow up again next spring? Why should we listen if the endless scream will be compulsive the next time you hear? Why should we look for the movement if the silence will be back with an inert dance? Why should people always say something when a white rose falls to the ground? Is it not necessary. White roses don’t make a sound when the fall. They only know they will grow up white again next spring.



every new word I´ll learn, I will use to confuse yourself while you sleep. each word I´ll guess I´ll erase from my mind and nobody can find it. every new word I´ll forget I will use to create a thousand places where I’ve never been. every word you say I’ll pretend like is the first time I hear ………

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the smell of wet wood stopped me thought of all kinds of contradiction. Although this boat had never needed water to sail …. I just needed my thoughts to move it from side to side ….. How much pain had felt the tree to be cut into pieces to build that boat anchored always close to me ….. the smell of wet wood never let me sleep peacefully, but I always pretended dreaming but I was awake with my eyes closed ……. 🌪🚣🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻

which comes first? the noise or the silence never heard before? I just remember the sound of the train passed near to me, And the bridge listen in silence our conversation the map that I looked for inside the bag, had been changed for some extrange reason, I had lost the sense about which direction the air takes was the air always my element? I can not remember even that …….. but as a fox I am, always I climb up the hill and see the midnight train pass


Today I met two giants, they lost them heads long time ago and can not remember where they left them. I was helping them all the afternoon to find it but it was impossible. maybe they forgot last time they were talking in the park or when they swam naked last summer on the lake ….. but they are happy because they have learned how live without heads…..

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The intersection of two extremes is too unexpected, especially if that happens after tea-time. I close my eyes and see everything black and white, and I love it …. I don’t want to open them again because the color will appear again; / Mr dog is lucky because he is colorblind. He will give me some magic leaves so I can be colorblind as well ……


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Small black crow ……. you appear on my window. Why you walk in the snow whitout shoes? Is your favorite hobby listen the snow falls on the roof ? …… Snow always falls in odd numbers. if the sun comes out ….. snow thaw, you will fall down and your feathers dry …… plop plop plopplop plop plop ……


little red cat little red cat little red cat you escape every night, when I pretend that Im sleeping and I have to take care of your red shadow(who asks me all the time where did you go?) I can’t stop thinking …. where are you ? …. and if you’ve eaten enough cookies and milk for strength all night. Every early morning when you back home from drinking tea with others cats and walking on the roof of the buildings….. I count in my mind, awake with my eyes closed…. how many steps take you from the door to the bed ..

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