every new word I´ll learn, I will use to confuse yourself while you sleep. each word I´ll guess I´ll erase from my mind and nobody can find it. every new word I´ll forget I will use to create a thousand places where I’ve never been. every word you say I’ll pretend like is the first time I hear ………

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the smell of wet wood stopped me thought of all kinds of contradiction. Although this boat had never needed water to sail …. I just needed my thoughts to move it from side to side ….. How much pain had felt the tree to be cut into pieces to build that boat anchored always close to me ….. the smell of wet wood never let me sleep peacefully, but I always pretended dreaming but I was awake with my eyes closed ……. 🌪🚣🏼‍♀️ 💆🏻

Black foxes sleepwalking during the day and live during the night ….. we are very brave but sometimes our own shadow frightens us …….. we do not like the sun but we love watching the moon all night…… We speak a different language ……. ………. We have to hunt small birds for food but really boring us …. we love to lick our hair ,see ourselves reflected in the water and find new places where we can hide ……. can also help hide other foxes when they want to be hunted by a human …… we only use our instinct and love to survive …. and just believe that” some things shine and other do not” 🐺☄🌛

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I found where the black wolf hides until the summer. He just let me see, him intense black eyes. black black black He is wondering what has he forgotten before get into his cave . …. what he forgot that can’t not remember? … forgot forgot forgot maybe he forgot something that dont have to remember? remember is not always the best way to forget ……