Summer 2026 There is no difference between listening to Robert Hood or Philip Glass, mental ecstasy is inevitable. It is very obvious that you can not make sushi with all kinds of rice. Cover your eyes, let yourself be tied and then you will have the joy that you deserve ….

every new word I´ll learn, I will use to confuse yourself while you sleep. each word I´ll guess I´ll erase from my mind and nobody can find it. every new word I´ll forget I will use to create a thousand places where I’ve never been. every word you say I’ll pretend like is the first time I hear ………

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The moon which was now clear of clouds lay in a bare space as if the light had consumed the heavines of the clouds and left a perfectly clear pavement, a dancing ground for revelry. For some time the dappled iridescence of the sky remained unbroken. Then there was a puff of wind; and a little cloud crossed the moon.

The sea is calm and the water is blue again. I Only can see lovely mermaids in the horizon, waiting the sundown to appear, they got long hair and swim a lot everyday, they don’t like the night and the cold days …. They love discover new secrets places but sometimes get confuse how to get there…. Everything you hear about them when you was a child is not true…… They cry of happiness in secret and every tear is dissolve in the silence of the sea…

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🔳◼️◻️Color blind sensations …… I did not know if I was awake or asleep, everything was wonderful, white and black …. nothing had an exact form.There was no direction where to go or what thing about that ……there was nothing to remind me why all this pictures are hanging on my wall ……. I was dancing in circles, circles circles , but cant remember where I learned to dance like this ………

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when white rains pass through wonderland cover everything in white color….. silence turned white The rain turned white Forest creatures turned white Our shadows became white The pages of the books turned white Fear turned white The night turned white The trees turned white Now I can not remember which things had color before …… 🌧🐇🕟💭❕

Birds like us do not need legs to travel around … we Just close our eyes, take off and fly …. Sometimes we look like clueless on the way …… But we always know where we go …. .. We always fly together with similars birds ….. We dont like to go down to the human world …… People just want to touch and keep us in a nice cage ….. And we feel sad if that happens ……

by gémeaux

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Photography:  Juan Achiaga
Make-Up and hair: Angela Blanco
Model: Andrea Pimentel
All the looks are designed “by gémeaux”
Shoes by  Jeffrey Campbell
Thanks to Irene Larrañaga
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Don´t play around children from another world …..




There are secrets, only children from another world know. Don’t you dare to discover them.
The wizard wanted to be young forever. He wanted so bad to find the key for eternal youth that he called on a child from another world.
One day after twilight, he prepared everything for the ritual. He wanted the child to take possession of his body and it took him only a few tries.
-I’ll tell you what you need to know. But as reward I’ll have something from you. A feeling- said the child with a soft voice.
He was so anxious for the answer he accepted without hesitation.
That was the last time the wizard smiled.

Art direction, Photographer, stylist and outfits by Omar  Gémeaux

The Girl who changes the color of the Nature







When she leaves her home after a long sleep , the first thing that she wants to do is to change the colors of the trees, the animals and all that is in the way.

She always wondered why things could not be of a different color than they were born, so she thougt it could be more fun …

It depends on the day she wants to be a flower, a bird or a small squirrel playing in the maze of bushes.

SHe loves to run without direction and drinking the juice of the flowers to keep the force, this is the best thing of the forest.

Someday if somebody wants to find her …… has to see the blue forests and run as fast as her.

Art direction, Photographer, stylist and  Dress by Omar  Gémeaux

Thanks to Eclecticachic, Tonybu.